Are you patient?

Join Rebel Black from The Rural Woman and gather some ideas about enhancing the virtue of patience in your life

When not to start a not for profit

Which legal structure to operate within is a challenge that many social entrepreneurs have.

In our experience of working with many social entrepreneurs the story goes something like this…

Want social change to stick?

There’s the services (not all, but some) that want to own it all (and the funding that goes with it). Then there are the do-ers of good that obsess over saving people rather than enabling them to change by themselves

It’s not a relay if you don’t pass the baton on

If you’ve been anywhere within earshot of me in the past months you’ll have heard about my frustrations with the pathetic school based traineeship (SBAT) systems that Australia currently has in place.

Public art and community recovery

When recently in Christchurch, NZ I was moved and inspired by the public art.  I had to learn more about how the artworks contributed to …

Is the community sector toxic?

If you work in the community (read not for profit) sector, particularly in a community development, coordination or management role I’d say you wouldn’t be surprised …

Experience your industry before you jump in

A colleague recently commented on the necessity of fledgling business owners (in particular social enterprise owners) trialing and testing their industry before launching themselves upon …