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Evolve Network (Evolve) has delivered social impact activities in regional communities for two decades. Evolve was founded by Kerry Grace in 2004.

The Evolve team has delivered many projects for all levels of government, not for profits and Aboriginal Corporations for small regional communities since 2004.

Our talented team works in community to enable sustainable, community-led solutions.

In 2003 we founded national conference, Social Impact in the Regions to further our work in regional capability development.


A range of services supporting sustainable regional development

Our talented team works in community engagement and activation, strategic planning, facilitation, impact measurement and economic analysis and capability development. 

Our team has a unique mix of practical skills, connections, deep understanding and abilities which make Evolve a sought-after entity for regionally based projects.

We work with clients at every level of government, not for profits, Aboriginal Corporations and Corporates. At the heart of our work we thoroughly believe in healthy and sustainable regional communities. The methodologies surrounding the delivery of this goal vary.

Our founder's Story

A Regional Australian

Kerry Grace worked in the corporate world with a focus on advertising, marketing and business services through the early years of her career then transitioned to adult education where she enjoyed over a decade as vocational education teacher, then a senior business development team member for TAFE NSW. Through this time she grew her business Evolve Group Network which has served the regional Australian communities for almost 20 years.

Kerry lives in the Mid North Coast of NSW. She is mum to three grown up kids and has a quirky collection of pets including alpacas. Like many regional kids of the time Kerry left home soon after completing her HSC. She returned home in 2003 to raise her family. Kerry established Evolve Network in 2003 as a means of balancing her growing family and a flexible way to make a living in a small town. The business always set out to achieve social impact and through the years it most certainly has.

Once upon a time Kerry Grace was an ‘accidental leader’.

She describes this phase as a time of overcoming the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome that had plagued her younger life. Something that Kerry admits held her back for many years.

Still, Kerry rose above her earlier challenges and now mentors regional leaders through her writing and public speaking. 

Through her life and career experiences Kerry continues to demonstrate integrity, passion, and love of what she does.


What clients say


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