Building Strong Regional Communities

After 20 years of service in regional communities our skills, techniques and networks support sustainable change in the regions


Evolve Network’s team have extensive experience in regional communities. Our services include:

Community engagement and consultation

We understand distance can be an enormous challenge for our regional clients and have developed a methodology to enable participation which is inclusive of digital literacy, cultural safety and literacy and numeracy skill levels. Having worked in regional communities for over two decades we know that communities often feel over-consulted and may not want to engage as a result. Our engagement methodologies ensure even the most difficult to reach communities are enabled to participate.

Program mentoring and support

There are many benefits to community based service delivery. Not only can it save a lot of groundwork to get programs established, it also has the opportunity to build important capacity within regional, rural and remote communities. Sometimes small not for profit entities need just a little more support to deliver programs to specification and what better way to learn than ‘on the job’. We work with funding bodies to understand the desired outcomes and outputs and then the not for profit to translate this into an achievable implementation plan. We can then mentor delivery teams to grow their skill sets as they deliver the desired program.

Community strategic planning

Evolve Network works with government and communities to deliver community strategic plans which cover the social, economic, environmental and cultural goals of the community. Our plans are always action oriented and aligned to the goals of the community. In developing a community strategic plan we thoroughly consult with the community examining what really matters according to the community, what has worked in the past and desires for the future; we look at the current macro and micro economic environment and examine and pressing environmental and community matters. Our plans prepare communities for both short and longer term actions.

Bespoke projects

Each year we deliver a range of bespoke projects to address areas of interest. In 2023 this was a conference designed to support regionally based Social Impact Practitioners. The conference is called Social Impact in the Regions and will be held in Coffs Harbour (NSW Australia) 6-8 September. Find out more here. Social Impact in the Regions will run for the following 10 years.

We've been keeping busy...

Two of our biggest and proudest projects to date are currently underway. Social Impact in the Regions is a 3 day conference event that is now going into its second running with this year’s event being held in Kempsey in September 2024 . Closely tied to this event is the ongoing Ready Communities project which aims to assist 10 regional communities in 10 years. The objective of this project is to drive and support deep impact and transformational change, as well as build and enhance foundations for social and economic prosperity.

Please take a moment to click on the logos alongside to visit each of these projects to find out more about them and support them in any way that you can.

About Evolve Network

Authentic regional community engagement

Our team will assist your community to identify your strengths, to create a map for the future, to understand your goals and to activate your community. Our process is about mentoring and teaching, while we love doing it’s much better you do that so you can do it again and again. Through the years we’ve delivered community and corporate festivals, mentoring and coaching programs, training and workshops, strategic and business planning and lots and lots of facilitation. But all of this doing has taught us one very important thing. If the community we are working on isn’t on board – there’s truly no point starting. Our key principles are authentic community engagement, and leaving a lasting legacy via skill sharing.

Communities already know the solutions to their greatest problems. Often what is needed is someone who can gently guide a conversation about what these solutions are and how they should be implemented.

Kerry Grace

Impact Facilitator

Why you should work with Evolve Network

Proven experience

Evolve Network has worked in regional Australia for 20 years. Our strengths include:
Community innovation

Tried and tested approaches and theories are often successful, however the Evolve Network team aren't afraid to push boundaries and pioneer new and unique ways in which to achieve the goals of the community they represent. Current work to note includes the Social Impact in the Regions Conference and Ready Communities program.

Trusted networks

Through years of working in regional communities the Evolve Network team have built trusted relationships across community, not for profits, industry and government. We encourage honest and constructive dialogue between all involved.

A deep understanding of regional Australia

Evolve Network's team live and work in regional Australia and have sound understanding of the challenges that communities face. There is simply no substitute for lived experience.

Social Impact in the Regions

Evolve Network's flagship event, Social Impact in the Regions is held in the first week of September each year. In 2024 the conference will be held in Kempsey, NSW 4-6 September.


Would you like to work with Evolve Network?

If you would like to work with Evolve Network, require more information or simply wish to touch base and connect, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always looking to broaden our network as well as answer questions that potential clients might have.


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