Expressing your stuff

So, how do you let the world know that you have something to tell it? What do you do when you’re reached the final straw, when you’ve had enough and you are just about to explode (or implode)? Are you a bottle it up kinda gal who waits for something like a stubbed toe to

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The power of vulnerability

Vulnerability: “Capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt” “Open to moral attack,criticism, temptation” So WHY would ya want to do that to yourself? Check out Brene Brown’s TED talk “The Power of Vulnerability” and find out how her research led her to understand “The one thing that keeps us out of connection is

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Honouring my dad

Some days I miss my dad like crazy.  Those are the days that I remember he was actually kind of cool.  That he was the ‘doing stuff’ guy from visits to the beach to french cricket, bush walks, long long bike rides and spots of tennis. My dad loved to do things.  He loved to

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I don’t know where this acronym FIGJAM actually came from but the first time I remember hearing it is in a movie that I saw in my youth… Was it Mel Gibson? Was it someone else, maybe you remember? Anyway? What I wish is that I took the acronym on board then and there, and

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Set a goal and go for it

This morning I’ve set a goal to put up 4 posts on my blog by 11am. This is number 2 (of the 4). When I finish I’m going to celebrate by hanging out some washing – OK, that probably doesn’t sound like celebrating but actually it means some time outside and that I’ll smell civilized

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