Set a goal and go for it

This morning I’ve set a goal to put up 4 posts on my blog by 11am. This is number 2 (of the 4).

When I finish I’m going to celebrate by hanging out some washing – OK, that probably doesn’t sound like celebrating but actually it means some time outside and that I’ll smell civilized when I attend the retreat I’m running this weekend so it works for me.

The goal is most certainly of the SMART variety (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely – oh yeah is it ever timely).

This goal is a stark contrast to the one I’ve been working on over the past two days that went something like;

“Engage people to attend promotional sessions and sell at least 30 packages at each by ordering promotional materials, networking my butt off, making my main website sexy and make my website sexy by researching the difference between a web developer, designer and marketer, find the most appropriate template, purchase a template and learn how to use it on my second website between the hours of 8pm and 1am AND expect a good result.  Maintain appearances as a mother featuring at school and after school activities and baking, lots of baking.”

And that’s only the surface of it.

How do you think the former goal was making me feel?

Let’s say, as I reached for the Rescue Remedy yesterday my world is lucky it wasn’t a bottle of Vodka.


Today I’ve taken my life and everything that’s organised in it by the horns.  And I’ve started NOT with a whole life nor strategic plan

I’ve started with one simple goal

To write and publish four blog posts by 11am.


The goal is delicious for numerous reasons:

* It does take me towards where I want to go in the broader sense

* It’s giving me some time to stop and reflect

*It’s enabling me time to build my writing muscles which I’ve been sadly neglecting over the past months

* It let’s me share with others – I KNOW  I’m not the only person in the world that’s been feeling overwhelm

* It will make my website look pretty, entertaining as the latin-esque dummy posts are I feel so satisfied to see my content there

* This is something I can ACTUALLY ACHIEVE

* And from a sense of achievement life in general seems so much more manageable.


So go on, I dare you – set yourself ONE and one only SMART goal for the day – and set yourself some sort of reward, whatever tickles your fancy for when you’ve completed it.

It’s oh too easy to live in overwhelm and let me tell you that’s a spiral to hell.  Pull yourself out now with this one simple offering.  Tell me how you go…

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