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In 2024 I’ll celebrate 20 years in my business Evolve Network Australia.  TWO decades of serving my community and doing work that I love. As far as work goes it doesn’t get any better than that in my books.

It will be a big milestone – the business is almost the same age as my eldest child. And it has served my family well enabling me to raise my children in a way that is flexible and (usually) inclusive of family needs.  Not only that, the business has enabled me to travel, to meet some of my closest friends, to learn and to grow as a person and person in business.

There’s a lot to be grateful for.

As I think through the years, the clients and the various stakeholders I’ve worked with one thing keeps coming up – opportunity.

Opportunity – a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

There are so many times in my business where I’ve been asked to deliver something that I’ve never actually delivered before, however someone believed in me enough to offer the opportunity anyway.

Then there are other times where business was looking a bit lean but then someone noticed I had space or time and an opportunity was offered my way.

And other times I was sought after as the best person to deliver to a specific skill set and an opportunity was created.

There is much to learn through these experiences, my biggest learning comes with responsibility – to create opportunity for others. I strive to do this every, single day.

Opportunities don’t have to be big, life changing events. However big or small, each one you dish out carries a secret message: “I believe in you”, “I want you to succeed”, “I’ve got your back”.

What opportunities can YOU create today?

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