The VisionEngaged, Activated, Sustainable communities.

Evolve Network works with regional Australian communities to enable change about the things that matter most.

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“Evolve Network’s strengths includes: the production of high quality products within short time frames; working with a strategic focus i.e. community development with a strong focus on social enterprise; ability to work with diverse communities with honesty and integrity; and delivery project outcomes in a timely manner.”Tracy Singleton, Manager, Aboriginal Languages Legislation, Policy and Reform within Aboriginal Affairs NSW

The Mission StatementWe put community first.

Evolve Network has delivered dozens of projects throughout regional Australian communities. We listen, we teach, we embed action.

Our projects have ranged from strategic planning to event management, the delivery of training to facilitation services.


The DetailsSee exactly how we work with communities to accomplish their goals.

  • Step 1: We are invited

    We do not impose ourselves upon communities. We wait for the invitation.

  • Step 2: We ask

    We ask members of the community what matters most to them.

  • Step 3: We plan

    We work with a variety of stakeholders to determine a plan.

  • Step 4: We mentor

    We don’t JUST deliver – we mentor as we go so that skills are left in the community

  • Step 5: We learn and share

    We learn about the unique features, desires and wishes of the community as we go and we share this feedback and evolving ideas.

The TeamWe draw from a network of amazing and talented people.


Community consultation

What matters most in your community? What do community members think about a particular issue? What needs to change? What will they embrace?

Strategic planning

What does the map for change look like? We work alongside the key stakeholders to understand what needs to happen and then articulate these steps back as an action plan.

Disrupting the status quo

If change was that easy you would have started already. Don’t know where to start? We can assist.

The GoalWorldwide network. Local impact.

We draw from our worldwide network to access ideas, collaborative input and inspiring change makers. We assist communities to implement and sustain place based solutions to identified issues. There is no one size fits all – tick box solution.


The InfoOur stats at a glance.


Funding for communities

Community Organistions