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It’s your community

You know what needs to happen next

You know what needs to happen next.

Evolve Network enables people in your community to drive change. From learning to write great grant applications to identifying your networks and creating realistic plans. We’re here to enable you to do

Keep your hair intact. Get in touch with Evolve Network for cost effective, sensible and sustainable solutions.


Our workshops cover the things you need to know that will grow your community – grant writing, building networks, marketing, strategic planning. This is the community DIY superkit. More


Yep. A plan is a bloody good place to start. Speak with us about strategic planning, business planning, team planning and any other type of planning that will enable you to reach your end goal More

Mentoring and support

Sometimes you need someone to assist you along the way. We have a range of mentors who are able to support you to reach your goals. More