Changing my health destiny: Part 5 (a break through)

It’s been a year now since my last post on my health destiny but I sure do remember that lurgy. Oh boy. Had I experienced that now I’d more than certainly find myself in quarantine, or at the very least with some very dirty looks aimed in my direction.

And how did my commitment to walking a mere 30mins every day prevail? Ah, it lasted until about Mid July (aka about 2 weeks after it was posted).  I’ve come to accept that for some reason completely unbeknown to me (despite countless therapy sessions and many thousands spent on life coaching tuition) I’m just an ‘away’ motivated kinda gal. Aka – I’m more motivated by what I’m running away from, rather than running towards.

But seriously, I ask myself on an almost daily basis… Do I need to get something as inconvenient as cancer to actually become woke to what I’m doing to my body? And the away marathon continues.

And then the excuses roll… I’m not really that unhealthy, I’m solo mumming in a busy job, wine is good for stress and besides it’s only a few glasses. Argh ! Give me a break (I say to that inner devil)…

Anyhoo, last November I did start to wake up. I have been working in a very, very special and isolated location. A location with very limited access to processed food, a place I make sure I take good care of myself when I visit – why? Because I just feel compelled to. AND a place that brings people who are good for me forward. Funny how that happens when you need it, isn’t it.

It did take a little while, however four months ago I reconnected with someone I’d met there and we started talking health. She kindly invited me to detox with her, and as an added (beyond belief) bonus, offered to detox with me. I’ve got to admit (and it still surprises me) that the first week was easy. I shed some weight, and I was enjoying the new eating ideas. Covid helped things along and I decided to order food in, rather than venturing out. One of my local farmers was only too happy to support my health kick dropping off spray free produce to my door each week.

Despite my ongoing wrangling with wine there have been a few things that have stuck in this time:

  • Gentle support – my friend checked in on me throughout the detox (even though I felt my re-introduction of wine after the first week deemed me a fraud). Her gentle encouragement gave me time to adopt some good habits.
  • It’s now been 8 weeks since I gave up cow milk and most other dairy. Feels pretty good I’ve got to say. My coffee is milked with a dash of almond – macadamia if I can grab it.
  • See ya white bread, it’s nothing or gluten free.
  • Goodbye numbers. 98% of my meals are now number free. I’m not missing processed food and find it weird to consume. Having said that, my schedule (and dire lack of time) has meant a few more take-aways (and numbers) of late. I can’t say I’m particularly enjoying them (and certainly notice the lack of good, health takeaway options) however, this week have asked my kids to start cooking just one meal each per week to at least make things a little easier.
  • Hello weekly delivery from my local farmer. I missed a few weeks and noticed my diet started to slip. Even though I’m growing several of my own greens, herbs and citrus now it’s really not worth cutting off this supply.
  • Green smoothies. Chuck it in, add some coconut water and blend it up. Surprisingly palatable.
  • Tools – I bought a new food processor, amazing how excited that made me about chopping and blending.
  • The right instructions – my friend linked me in with hundreds of great recipes to enhance my health. I’ve hardly touched the sides of this.
  • Covid – being at home has played an enormous supporting role in promoting my better health – with less time on the road, significantly less meals ‘out’ and more time for food prep I’ve been able to focus on simpler options.

Wellness may never be my first, natural impulse however I’m incredibly driven by the idea of meeting my grandchildren… whenever they shall emerge. It’s true, I’m really not where I want to be as yet, however… I know I’m stumbling along the right path.

Sincere thanks to everyone who’s supported me along the way.


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Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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