Changing my health destiny – Part four


After publicly noticing that I was far too busy about one month ago in parts onetwothree of this series I kept running.

Oh no, not running in the joggers and tights sense, no, no.

Running more akin to if I slow down now I may spontaneously combust kind of madness.I ran, ran and ran. It was as if the THREE earlier posts about changing my health destiny had not existed. These were the posts which touted time for change – that noticed what works and what doesn’t for me and hinted at a commitment to change.

But like most of my health commitments, it’s gone nowhere.

This I realise means one of two things; (a) there really is nothing to change here – business as usual will be just fine, thank you very much OR (b) I’m delusional and in dire need of a good old fashioned kick in the pants.

Given I actually googled “can stomach fat make it difficult to breathe” just last night I think we all know the answer here.

I spent last week nursing a dreadful lurgy that made me lose my voice in the day and choke at night. It was awful. It was the kind of flu that encourages one to negotiate while looking skyward and vow to make more regular trips to the doctor / gym / spiritual guide.

Despite this glitch I know that I respond to health matters like a goldfish in a bowl. One circuit and I’ve let go of the apparent importance of change.

So this leaves me with no other choice than to embark on small, humble changes that will build over time.

This week’s challenge is simply this…

I’m going to walk for at least half an hour every day. That’s it.

No big grand plans, no quitting, no going without.

Just this one, little thing.

And with the accomplishment of this little thing who knows… Another just may follow.

Not drowning – still sparkling !

Wish me luck.


Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash


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