Kerry Grace Founder and Director

KerryThroughout the past ten years, Kerry has crafted a business which carries a brand that is synonymous with an ethical approach, reliability, entrepreneurship and creativity.

These qualities are reflective of Kerry and her unquenchable passion for her work.

Known for her strengths in ‘getting things done’, Kerry has been exploring the role of the ‘enabler’ over the past few years whilst honing her skills as a coach. She is now immersed in a learning community of thousands, learning a multitude of skills to better help her clients to live lives that truly matter to them.

Kerry’s career commenced in the advertising/marketing industries, where she worked in a variety of roles in Sydney, Australia. Simultaneously she dabbled in some business ventures including an events and artist promotion agency. The experience of moving between two worlds (employment and self-employment; high level budgets and shoe-string budgets) provided a wealth of hands-on experience, enabling Kerry to adapt her professional skill set to the world of self-employment and her shoe-string skills (which turned out to be skills in creativity) to corporate work.

 Working in regional Australia

Kerry has a strong social conscience and the opportunity to commence working in the education industry, particularly with ‘at risk’ groups in 2000 turned into an ongoing relationship with the not for profit, training and employment industries.

Throughout this period she coordinated eight Work for the Dole programs, working hands on with the participants and has delivered learning experiences for hundreds of people across many communities throughout the East Coast of Australia (with a particular focus on her home region of the Mid North Coast of NSW).

Evolve emerged and grew within these experiences as Kerry grew her skills in areas of strategy, community engagement, planning and project management.

With a commitment to lifelong learning, Kerry holds an undergraduate degree in Business, is a graduate of the School for Social Entrepreneurs (2011) and is currently studying an Advanced Practitioner of Coaching qualification with The Coaching Institute.

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