Why you should laugh in the AM

This post is also an appreciation of my amazing mum featured in the blog pic.

I can’t say I’ve ever been a massive morning fan.  The whole wake up, jump out of bed, get dressed, start the day has always been a bit like groundhog day for me.  Add to that three additional little people with a variety of needs, wants and approaches to the morning, and it’s a recipe for deep wallowing – if I should so choose.

“Mum, what can I have for breakfast”
“I don’t like xyz on my sandwich”

” You never pack me enough in my lunchbox”
” (x child) is pulling faces at me”

Not to mention the constant hollering to my tween “get up, wake up, get up, WAKE UP, the bus is coming”

I can feel my stomach twist just thinking about it.

Three kids, three schools – probably not my smartest move.  Three sets of permission notes, school philosophies, missing books, fees, uniforms (and missing bits of uniforms), food bans, parental requirements, performances, assemblies,, pick ups and drop offs And that’s BEFORE after school activities are taken into account.  Argh!

Some days I don’t know how I find the mental capacity to run my business, (actually, it’s kind of like going on a really relaxing holiday).

Anyway, last night my beautiful mum had a sleep over.  It was utterly blissful to have the time to talk, to consider ideas from renovation to holidays.  And even better – this morning to have someone else pack the lunch boxes, wrangle the kids, hang out washing and EVEN BETTER – someone to make me laugh in the morning.

My mum has a special knack of looking at the lighter side of life.  It’s absolutely magic.  This morning, over breakfast – a breakfast that we had time to sit at the table and eat – we noted two matching food stains on Ms Tween’s posh school uniform’s white collar.  Ms Tween politely demonstrated at that point how the collar actually doubles as a highly effective napkin, wiping one side of her mouth, and then the other.  Hilarious – the table erupted.

I remembered at that point the importance of laughter, especially in the morning.  It sets the tone for the whole day.  I remembered that it doesn’t HAVE to be all about rush, rush, starting the day long list ticking frenzy which is bookmarked by the dinner and bedtime routine at the other end of the day.

Life can be light, life can be fun.

I’m going to practice that today and onwards.  Here’s where it begins – I’m heading over to Hootsuite now to post some funnies into my social media for the early AM over the next weeks – just to embed this idea.

Join me, let’s have fun.  Feel free to share your laughter, your funny jokes, posts, experiences in the comments here, or on my newsfeed – or yours.  Everyone’s got ‘stuff’ to sort through, let’s just keep it light for a while.

Bring on the laughter.

Thanks Mum, love you

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