What do you eat when on the road?

So, what do YOU eat when on the road?

As I was writing only yesterday about belief systems, I’ve noted with glee (and sarcasm) that one of my long held beliefs is that the calories shoved into one’s gob while ‘one the road’ don’t count.  In my family we refer to this phenomena as ‘travel sickness’, described loosely as the constant need to eat, and eat that which is preferably coated in sugar, salt or lard at every possible stop.  And, I’ve realised as the driver this time that’s surely a myth that needs to be busted.

What happened on the road may stay on the road, but apparently it’s not actually the same with what’s eaten on the road.

But as Ms. 8 wailed from the back seat following the pizza decision of last night “EVERY TIME I TRY TO GET A BIT HEALTHY THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS”.

A stark contrast to the road trip of some years ago when I was utterly determined to avoid fast food chains and the (now) Ms Tween raged “CAN WE JUST HAVE SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE BEANS”

This time around the debate surrounding a massive fast food giant has been raging.  My perspective is that it has no place in their diet whatsoever, we’ve watched the YouTube clips, we know what the nuggets are really made out of and for now I’m cool that 2 of the 3 kids expect a rat hair in any given meal.

But they still want the damn stuff.  And with enormous entitlement.  My angst was utterly sealed as we pulled into what I expected to be a particularly remote community this afternoon, bags of healthy(ish) food in the car carefully procured from a supermarket 4hrs earlier, only to hear them breath a very evident sigh of relief at the sight of a sign from said fast food giant.

And it’s not only the fast food giant.  The trip has in fact highlighted a pure sugar addiction for at least one of the children.  This afternoon she actually told me this story:

“Mum, you know how I was so sad when you bought me that pair of shoes this morning?” (I took a breath as the conversation changed direction) “well, do you know what made me better?” she asked “it was that (sister) gave me a lollypop”.  “SEE” she told me with great conviction “sugar does make things better for me”.

How did my life come to this conversation?  Am I the mum who left her children with no other option than to secretly shove handfuls of lollies into their little mouths and quietly chew/gag just to get the required sugar hit?

So I bought them a tub of overpriced lollies at a stop and then seethed as the giggling / punching / crying / crazy unfolded in the back seat as I drove at dusk into the unknown.

Which brings me to my question for you… HOW DO YOU STAY HEALTHY ON THE ROAD???  I AM interested in everyone’s response and in particular that of parents and child minders who struggle with the ongoing pull of convenience, marketing and product placement.  Goodness, it’s difficult enough while we’re at home to keep them on the healthy straight and narrow but on the road with lacking cooking facilities and fractured levels of patience.  OMG.

And as i sign out Ms 8 sidles up to me, picks up a big juice strawberry and shares some words of advice;

“You know what mum, when I have kids I’ll feed them fruit and vegetables and give them junk food on only very very special occasions”.

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