knowing when you need time out

It’s almost a month now that my three have been on holidays.

The weird thing is we are so used to being together we’ve fallen completely into a rhythm of sorts. Everyone is enjoying pottering about in their own space doing little things and I’ve rarely heard the ‘bored’ word. Weird but wonderful.

Well, so I thought.

Yesterday my mum came grocery shopping with us and somewhere between aisle 3 and 4 my youngest came up with an idea for a sleep over, made the suggestion, got it over the line and ushered her obliging grandmother out the door.

We returned home in silence noticing the gap in our existence.

We huddled together and told stories about her (loving stories about the funny things she does) and this morning my son dragged his feet into my office to tell me he usually tickles her when he’s bored but then he remembered she’s ‘not here’.

I’ve called her already, oh four times, just to say hi, she tells me she’s not ready to come home yet perhaps in a manner more curt for my liking and she’ll let me know when she’s ready.

The thing this 8 year old knows better than anyone else in the family is when it’s time for a break, and how to arrange it in the most kind, convenient and prompt manner. She knows that absence makes our hearts grow fonder, and she knows just how good it’s going to be to have her grandparents all to herself.

This kid is great at helping out and keenly aware when others need help to get a job done, or a hug. But she’s also very well aware of her own needs.

How is it that some of us are so good at this? And for others it takes a lifetime?

I’ve noticed that over the years I’ve scooped up quite a bit of time out in business trips and grocery shopping but rarely do I sit down and schedule in time out just because.

And the problem with doing this is that it becomes far too easy for each and every day to meld into one, there’s little opportunity to ‘miss’ those you love and for them to miss you and if you’re not careful life can become an endless cycle of waking up, serving others and sleeping. Who wants a lifetime of that and only?

So here’s my first big 2015 challenge.

Each week, to schedule in a minimum of an hour as time for me and just me.

With no work agenda, no goal attached, just time to enjoy life and remember that I’m a human too.

How about you?

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