Covid-19 resource pack for working during self-isolation

There’s no point pretending this is business as usual. It’s not. I’ve just quietly edged away from gnarling cabin-fevered teens to post this (oh, who am I kidding, the first part of the sentence was enough). Things are different right now, we are different.

I’ve put together a few posts that may assist, feel free to share the lot, or one, or your comments. All valid and appreciated. Need more info? Don’t hesitate to ask… PS there’s an excellent funding guide put together by my colleague Lisa at the bottom, just scroll there if you don’t feel like being otherwise inspired.

How to work from home – an article designed particularly for people who don’t usually work in the home environment. Or, for those who do so you can smile and nod (you are not alone).

Five must haves to manage your team from afar – for managers not used to the nuances of managing dispersed teams.

Juggling work and kids at home – Pretty self-explanatory but the bit I forgot to mention is sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling “LALALALA” you’ll most certainly be wanting to do that right now.

A reminder for those days – Let’s not sugar coat it, some days just aren’t great. But that doesn’t have to mean you’ve reached the edge of the earth. Read on for ways to cope on one of ‘those days’.

The Human Condition: Anxiety – and then there are THOSE days. Like so many of the best people I know (and me too) anxiety can be an unwelcome and rowdy visitor. There is no better conditions for a visit from your friend, anxiety than the present. Read on to learn more about wrangling it, or at least easing the impact (aka ride the waves).

A changemakers guide to wellbeing in times of change – are you at the helm? You know as well as I do that day to day isn’t always easy… then there’s this.

Inspiration from the couch – an excellent collection of resources put together by my RDAMNC colleague, Lisa.

And… The funding kit you’ve been wishing you had if you’re in small business, also a Lisa creation here.

Take care all. Next posts coming up soon and if you’d like to encourage me feel free to request future topics.

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