Are you slowing down yet?

It’s the end of November and I wonder if your world has started to slow for the holiday season yet or – is it pushing on the turbo boost button?

I don’t know about you but I feel utterly frazzled. It’s as if the world has sped up x 1000 and I’m just trying to catch up.

Like many mums (and dads) in business I juggle kids and ever changing school programs, sports, life and oh yeah – work. Just last Friday evening I spent 2 hours juggling, squeezing, wrangling my diary to try and fit everything in prior to the end of the year ensuring the word “NO” rang loud and clear as often as possible (I’m getting good at that one).

But then there’s the odd “oh could you please just…” or “mum! I told you about this event a month ago” or “oh we’d be so disappointed if you didn’t attend” or even “well, the client needs it now” – OH – MY – GOODNESS. My inner people pleaser aches – but not as much as my tired bones. I need to rest. I know that is a priority. My friends will get it, the others will move on. (yours will too).

Can SOMEONE please distribute the  memo…

“Dear humans, the world is not going to end on December 25 – yes, we will all be going slow for a little while but guess what?? It will be OK. We will survive”

One of my uncles always told me that time speeds up as you age and through the years I have certainly noticed that. But this phenomena is different. It’s as if some clown has pressed fast forward on the business world forcing us all to move at a neck breaking pace leading into the big day (yes, Christmas).

Life goes on !!

I asked our time management trainer, (Barbara) just yesterday for her opinion on the matter and she told me that the earlier Christmas notifications in our retail environment contribute to the issue. When I considered that I had to completely agree. The earlier the Christmas ‘deckies’ arrive, the earlier we are feeling the need to MOOSH MOOSH.

Could we consider a conspiracy theory that goes something like this – the faster we move, the less time we have for thoughtful decisions – the more likely we are to just shove things in our trolley and keep moving to the check out. Yep, I’m in the business of growing my region’s economy – but here’s the thing… I’m also in the business of promoting and enhancing the wellbeing, spirit and thereby abundance of the region. Not pointless credit card debt.

So as I often do, I’m going to throw out a challenge to both you – and I.  Here goes;

  1. Make a list of all of the cool things you’ve done and achieved this year – see – you’re already awesome.
  2. Are you up to date with your health checks? Skin, bloods, smears, whatever else? Get to it. Now’s a great time to make sure all is ticking along smoothly and to bring some focus to you – your wellbeing. Consider it an early Christmas gift.
  3. I’ve just set up a Facebook group called Slow Down (link). Can you believe that title was available? I can. The intention of the group is to inspire SLOW – join if you like (here)
  4. Find an hour each day leading into Christmas for SLOW. Take time to think through things; major decisions you are making, your day, your wellbeing.
  5. Set some SLOW goals and commit to them. Be it a day of rest each weekend, an hour of contemplation each day or time to do your favourite thing each week. Just. be. slow.
  6. Find a SLOW accountability buddy and enable them to keep you in check with your goals
  7. Start wearing your SLOW time as a badge of honour – nobody is really that impressed with your busy.
  8. Find something that soothes and calms you, enabling you to move into SLOW – is it music? A particular environment? Perhaps a smell? Or something that you do?
  9. Be an ambassador of SLOW, be proud and loud and remember that even if those around you scoff, they will be secretly envious of the zen in your step…

So, share your SLOW with me as I will with you. Let’s give ourselves the gift of SLOW this Christmas season.

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