Curing Monday-itis

Any moment now three small people are just about to bust through my front door.

The school teachers are done for the day, the bus has made it’s delivery and the complaints department has opened.

I’m home.

I love Mondays, now I have my fancy schmancy office I no longer have to work at home.
So, being self employed and the master of my own destiny (to a large extent), I can choose when and where I work.

Mondays are hosted by my kitchen table.

And from there I write, I think, I tackle little niggling tasks, I plan and I troubleshoot.

Did I say I love Mondays?

Long gone are doses of Monday-itis, this is my new world.

Did I say I love my office?

It hasn’t always been like this.

It took me a long, long time to find this little bit of flow.  And even once I discovered how good Monday’s COULD be I still insisted on going in to the office, booking day-long activities in, jumping in the car and going places.

NO!  Mondays are for slow.  Mondays are for cleaning up, tidying and enjoying my home space, IN THE QUIET.

Did I say I love Mondays?

With my mild Monday under my belt I’m then armed for the week at large.  The diary is planned, the washing is done, the house might be tidy (not my specialty).  Why would I possibly be tempted to give this up?

Moral of the story… If it works, do it.  Turn convention on its’ head and create a schedule that works for YOU.  It’s OK to have down-time, it’s OK to have a slow, tidy up day, it’s OK to NOT constantly rush, rush, rush.

Bye for now, got to go and turn the roast veges.  Looks like there’s a little extra time to walk to the bus stop to pick the kids up.  A few moments of fresh air before the night shift commences.  But it’s all OK because today is my day of peace.

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