Heather Cavanagh

Kerry Grace is a passionate, effective advocate for economic development and sustainability in regional Australia. She utilises outstanding leadership and strong negotiating skills to achieve optimum outcomes, even where (at an early stage) this may simply be achieving a more widespread awareness and understanding of the issues and, of course, the associated opportunities!

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Kellon Beard

I have known Kerry since she took on the role as CEO of Regional Development Australia on the Mid North Coast in 2016. What has impressed me about Kerry is her dedication and commitment to the role in what have been some very tough times. Kerry has always shown great leadership and creative problem-solving approaches.

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Tracy Singleton

Kerry’s strengths includes: her ability to produce high quality products within short time frames; work with a strategic focus i.e. community development with a strong focus on social enterprise; ability to work with diverse communities with honesty and integrity; and deliver project outcomes in a timely manner.

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Michele Donovan

Personally and Professionally I have had a strong, sincere working relationship with Kerry over many years – Kerry does become invested in her projects, she is a great listener and advocate. She is a great people person, loves being engaged at the Grassroots level to gain a better understanding of the real issues, and develop

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