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What makes you happy? Do that

January is a tricky month. It’s the month of juggling work and kids not to mention coping with fluctuating levels of energy. Not to mention days when you’d much rather be sleeping than getting back to reality. And then there’s mum guilt. Last big holidays I declared myself the ‘worst mum in the world’ without

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Expressing your stuff

So, how do you let the world know that you have something to tell it? What do you do when you’re reached the final straw, when you’ve had enough and you are just about to explode (or implode)? Are you a bottle it up kinda gal who waits for something like a stubbed toe to

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Honouring my dad

Some days I miss my dad like crazy.  Those are the days that I remember he was actually kind of cool.  That he was the ‘doing stuff’ guy from visits to the beach to french cricket, bush walks, long long bike rides and spots of tennis. My dad loved to do things.  He loved to

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