Your partner in change that matters.

When was the last time someone asked you what really matters most to you? That's the question we start with and the rest is defined by you.

The back story – about us

Led by founder Kerry Grace, Evolve Network is a collective of people who care about people. We are facilitators, event managers, performers, writers, design thinking, community development and economic practitioners

We work together in teams to bring the right skill sets to any challenge ensuring that change not only takes place, but the community in question knows how to sustain the change.

Evolve Network was founded in 2004 and has since delivered change projects in community, organisations and all levels of government. Our projects influence change in community, business and life.

Our practice is not to tell people what to do. Rather, it's about learning where an individual or community plans to go, understanding the resources at hand and moving forward from there.

Most importantly we are regional Australians serving regional Australians. Want to change something? We'll partner with you to get there.


When was the last time someone really listened to you? It's likely you'll identify there has been a whole lot of talking (you might call this over consultation) but somehow you still don't feel heard. You know what needs to change in your community - it's time for you to be heard and assisted to make your best plans come to fruition.

Make the map

You could call this community mapping if it makes you feel fancy - this stage is about understanding the terrain. What resources are available? What skills are at hand? How willing are people to jump in and get involved? This map is essential to understand the pathway forward as is unique to your community.

Plot the course

A map is great, directions are even better. Together let's create a step by step plan to make this plan work. The plan will identify all of the steps needed from beginning to end. Some call this a strategic plan - just think of it as a cheat sheet to sustainable change.

Get on the tools

You don't want your community to rely on "experts" to survive and thrive into the future. You need to embrace the skills and tools that will carry you forward. And you know what? You already have a lot of them in your midst, it's just a matter of finding the practitioners, teachers and teams.

How we work.

1 The DIY Model - Follow the blog, download free tools and apply in your organisation or project your way.Our content is readily available for you to use at your will.

2 Just a little help from your friends. Ask us to facilitate your initial community meeting or perhaps your local plan. Choose the bits that suit you and do the rest yourself using our free tools.

3 The whole shebang - not for the lighthearted. We interview communities looking at this option to ensure it's really, really what you are looking for because man oh man are we taskmasters. Communities that choose this option are ready to put their actions where their mouths are. They know it's time to change.