Today is the perfect day to start

kerrygrace-2014 Change me

Is that thing still bothering you?

You know that thing?

That thing that barges into your consciousness around 2.25am?

That relentless niggle that plays on repeat as you try to shift your mind to other things.

Especially when everything else around you is quiet and still.

It could be anything, it may be a teeny, tiny little thing.  But the thing about that thing is that it is a thing for a reason.  It’s an invitation, a knowing, a gentle nudge in the right direction.

A thing that won’t leave you alone.

Perhaps it’s a conversation you need to have, something you need to do (or not do), a dream that keeps emerging, an unrequited love.

You know that some day you need to do something about that thing.

Guess what…

Today is the day.

“BUT I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START” I can hear you say (or is that me?)

Here’s a clue…

Start somewhere.

Somewhere does not have to come equipped with its’ own marching band.  It may be a quiet, gentle beginning, perhaps something that nobody but you knows about.

Consider this for just a moment…  It’s five years from now.  That thing is still bumping into your dreams.  It still won’t leave you alone and the relentless what if’s, maybes, could I’s and what next’s are still swimming around your brain – only louder.

How would that feel?  What would you be telling yourself? What would your world look like?

And what could your world otherwise look like if you took just a little risk today, a little step towards resolving that thing.  Perhaps you’ll fall over and scrape your knees, or maybe, just maybe you’ll embrace something beautiful.

But you won’t know until you start.

And today is the perfect day to start.