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It’s that weird time of the year between the festie season and Australia day, the time when a good percentage of the population are still on holidays (we won’t talk about them), kids aren’t back at school yet, the days are still long and balmy and it kind of feels like holidays but secretly we know it’s time to get cracking again.

Maybe your head is still a little foggy from from festive cheer and/or the long summer days by the beach, pool, river or air conditioner.  Maybe you’re still dragging your heels into the workplace, or even pretending that you aren’t really back at work yet as you type in your pyjamas from home (guilty as charged).

I don’t know about you but I find early January to be very fuzzy.  The first few weeks are a blur of kid juggling, dreaming about the year that’s about to unfold and contemplating getting back to the desk.  Though I may sit at the desk it doesn’t take time for the mind to return to the warm glow of summer holidays.

Whatever is going on for you right now, there’s one clear way out of the fog – not to mention an excellent task to undertake early on in the year.  A plan.

December is a fantastic time to create a plan, but if you  (like most people) were too busy wrapping gifts and wrapping up, put that in your diary for THIS year and get to your planning now.

When was the last time you reviewed your business or strategic plan?
Do you have an action plan for your current project / priorities / career / organisation or business?
Have you thought about the things that matter most to you this year and considered how you’d honour those things through the year?

Before you go into overwhelm stop – take a breath, let’s start slowly.  It doesn’t really matter which plan you start with.  Consider these questions:

1. What are your absolute priorities right now?

2. What do you need to do to make these a reality?

3. What resources do you need to make that happen?

4. What help / support / learning will you undertake to support you along the way?

And just like that you’re in planning mode.

Now it’s time to put some meat on the bones.  Work out what your absolute MUST HAPPENS are this year, grab your diary and PEN in your goals.  What do you need to see happen and by when?  What are the smaller milestones along the way?  Can you put those in your diary as well?

It doesn’t matter if you get started in the business or personal context, start with what’s most important to you and that passion will spill out into other areas anyway.

I’m a little obsessive about planning this morning as I’ve been putting some polish into our online toolkit’s planning section.  Put it this way, there are literally tens of thousands of learning resources about planning online, so I’ve been doing the Googling to find the best resources so that toolkit users can just get what they need, not fall down the rabbit holes of information overload.  Think business planning, strategic planning, action planning, it’s all there.

So if you’re finding it a bit difficult to get into your new working year, don’t worry you are far from alone there.  See if you can grab just a little time to plan today, you’ll be amazed how the forward focus will help to clear the fog of the moment.  And remember, as per my last post don’t take too long to move into action.

Happy January !

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