Let’s incubate 2021

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Is your not for profit exactly where you’d like it to be? Chances are the answer is… not yet… And if we were to dig a little deeper into that the answer may actually be… help me !

Having supported not for profits over the past two decades our founder, Kerry has a thing or two to say about the dire need for support in the not for profit sector;

“Often not for profits are running on the smell of an oily rag” she says, “with small budgets staff are stretched and have to build on their skill sets to deliver a range of activities to keep the organisation running”.

Kerry often speaks about burnout in the not for profit sector. Something she’s experienced herself in a NFP leadership role.

“The people the NFP sector attracts are passionate and often selfless. They will put their own wellness to the side in order to serve their communities”

The obvious fix is support however with limited budgets this isn’t always possible. So, with this in mind Kerry drew on her network to design a new Evolve Network initiative called the Community Practitioner Academy. The Academy has been designed to provide not for profit teams with the shortcuts, tools, templates and support to effectively run their organisations AND save time.

The Academy will share resources across a variety of areas from business planning to grant writing, marketing and financial management.

While the Academy will officially launch in June with its first Incubator program, a range of free tools and resources are already available online.

For further information please visit the official website here

To join the 2021 Incubator program please click here to learn more.