Get your social changemaker on

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It’s a tough time for social changemakers right now in Australia – globally. It’s clear that something has to give. But what? How? By whom? Where do you start? How to get involved? Which pathway to take?

We’ve gathered some inspiring tools for changemakers to get you thinking as you enter the new year and beyond. Your ability to influence whatever your change cause is may be more within your reach than you reliase. Read on for more and stay tuned on our Facebook page for links to positive change stories – we sure do need that inspiration right now. By the way, as we trawled the net for articles it was interesting to note the lack of Australian based articles on social change. Feel free to send any links our way will be great to tell others about the great job you’re doing out there.

Social change 101: – vote with your feet: There really are some very simple ways to get started and they involve your time, your feet and your dollar. Claremont Lincoln University spells it out.

Scholarly view: Should you agitate, orchestrate or innovate? Battilana & Kimsey (2017) in the Stamford Social Innovation Review.

Your focus: This article by US based Tanushree Rao puts forward a common sense approach to practicing life as an open-minded human. Skip right to the four steps if you are challenged by the earlier political statements in the document.

Emerging investment models: Zebras Unite “calls for a more ethical and inclusive movement to counter existing startup and venture capital culture. We believe creating an alternative to this status quo is a moral imperative.”

Stay woke: Mistinguette Smith in Yes Magazine has some practical solutions from staying woke, getting up early to using the resources you have.

Further ideas: For a more academic overview of social change visit Lumen Learning’s explanation of social change here.