Evolve Network’s team live and work in regional Australia.

We understand the needs of regional, rural and remote communities and following decades of experiences delivering services in these communities we have networks, skill sets and techniques which are honed to ensure we deliver services to meet the needs of our clients.


It’s not only our skilled facilitators that are called upon to gently guide contentious and politicised issues in community, our facilitation team combines a mix of technology and advanced administrative skills to ensure any facilitation experience is safe, culturally friendly and completely immersive whether the participant is online or in the room.

We understand distance can be an enormous challenge for our regional clients and have developed a methodology to enable participation which is inclusive of digital literacy, cultural safety and literacy and numeracy skill levels.


Community consultation

Every community has its own set of challenges, opportunities, voices and underlying factions. Our community consultation process is a gentle yet thorough system which ensures even the quietest voices in the community are heard.

Our aim is to hear ‘everyone in the room’ and to do so we apply a range of tools from community surveys, group facilitation and focus groups, community observation and participation and data analysis.

We communicate between community, government and philanthropists to ensure the needs of all parties are understood and met.

Program mentoring and implementation strategy

There are many benefits to community based service delivery. Not only can it save a lot of groundwork to get programs established, it also has the opportunity to build important capacity within regional, rural and remote communities.

Sometimes small not for profit entities need just a little more support to deliver programs to specification and what better way to learn than ‘on the job’.

We work with funding bodies to understand the desired outcomes and outputs and then the not for profit to translate this into an achievable implementation plan. We can then mentor delivery teams to grow their skill sets as they deliver the desired program.

Community strategic planning

Evolve Network works with government and communities to deliver community strategic plans which cover the social, economic, environmental and cultural goals of the community.

Our plans are always action oriented and aligned to the goals of the community.

In developing a community strategic plan we thoroughly consult with the community examining what really matters according to the community, what has worked in the past and desires for the future; we look at the current macro and micro economic environment and examine and pressing environmental and community matters.

Our plans prepare communities for both short and longer term actions.