Business Planning 101

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“You’ll need a business plan” they told you.

“Use this template”. They said “It’s easy” they added.

You start to gently rock as you ask yourself why you started this thing in the first place…

Guess what?

It really doesn’t have to be that hard.


One page business plans have been all the rage for some time now. Why? It’s simple. Because some businesses just aren’t going to fly. This simple version of a business plan allows you space to think, get creative and play with various scenarios.

Ready to get stuck in?

Step 1: Download the Business Model Canvas HERE

Step 2: Print it – print it as large as you can

Step 3: Stick your plan template on your wall, gather post-it notes and start brainstorming

Want more?

You won’t find a better guide than the one located at Business Model Canvas Central: Strategyzer… Well, unless you are looking for the Not for Profit or social business version. If that’s the case stay tuned… it’s on the way.