Why your brilliant plans for social change will never work

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In recent years I’ve grown tired of writing plans, beautiful plans, strategies, ideas, theories, feasibility analysis to create social change around difficult community situations.

It’s been exciting and sometimes rewarding work. Sometimes the plans create a spark, sometimes informed something bigger.

But in all, these documents that have been lovingly woven together usually sit on desks gathering dust waiting to be replaced by someone else’s bright idea or new pathway.

I’ve operated my company for over a decade writing these plans as part of our core business. But it’s over.

It doesn’t work.

A few years ago I started experimenting with adding mentoring and coaching alongside our brilliant plans. Short-cutting the planning process and focusing on the action.

It wasn’t what the ‘funding’ source required, but I did it anyway. Because what is the point in creating a big wad of paper and leaving it on some’s desk?

Guess what? This small shift in delivery has meant not only the plans actually came to life, but the organisations can now continue to update the plan and create ACTION while I’m not there.

If we really and truly want social change, the only way is to teach people how to do. Otherwise, let’s all just get honest and admit that planning for change is just a big industry unto itself which requires a perpetual state of social disadvantaged to survive.

So the shift for me, for my organisation is now official, we’re not planning any more – well at least not without a solid period of action backing it up.

If you’d like to know a little more about MY plans for the future please check out the video below… If you couldn’t care less about that I’m cool with that just take a little time to answer these questions before engaging in your next planning process;

* Has this already been done?
* Will I be able to implement the plan?
* Can I (or my committee) write the plan?
* Is there a shortcut template that we can use?
* An I engaging with someone that already has background knowledge?
* What support is going to be provided after the plan is created?
* What do I really need to achieve here?
* How will I know that it’s been achieved?