It's time to stop focusing on problems in your community and bring attention to your strengths.

The problem with problems

Every community will always have a set of challenges or problems. Focusing on ‘fixing’ these things will never be as effective as building on our strengths.

Because what you focus on you get. Right?

When we focus on strengths our problems don’t disappear, but they become more manageable, less noisy.

We bet your community has some incredible strengths just waiting to be nurtured.

How can we help?

Knowing where to start isn’t always easy but don’t worry, we can help you with that. 

What you need to do is start thinking about your community’s strengths. What do you love about your town? What keeps people there and what keeps them coming back? This is where we begin.

But be warned, while we will guide you, we aren’t coming on board to do the work. That we do together

Working with Evolve Network

Our team will assist your community to identify your strengths, to create a map for the future, to understand your goals and to activate your community.

Our process is about mentoring and teaching, while we love doing it’s much better you do that so you can do it again and again.

Through the years we’ve delivered community and corporate festivals, mentoring and coaching programs, training and workshops, strategic and business planning and lots and lots of facilitation.

But all of this doing has taught us one very important thing.

If the community we are working on isn’t on board – there’s truly no point starting.

Our key principles are authentic community engagement, and leaving a lasting legacy via skill sharing.

Each community project is different. View our case studies to learn more.