Workshops and online learning

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Grant writing

There’s a lot more to writing a good grant than great words. Want your grants to have more success in getting over the line? We offer workshops and online courses to solve your most pressing grant writing challenges.

NB: No, we do not write grants 

Beyond consultation

Want to annoy a community fast?

Send in the consultants.

There is not a community on earth that hasn’t been consulted to death. Think your stock-standard consultant from the big smoke is getting the results you want?


It’s called “lip service”.

If you really want to know a community is thinking the information will come through other means… 

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Social enterprise

“A cafe is a great way to train people and sustain our cause” said a very tired social enterprise practitioner… Perhaps you’ve considered a business offering to sustain your community project – markets, a service offering, product sales, a whole new concept. Learn about the pitfalls and opportunities of social enterprise with us.

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Solving hairy problems

Something need to change? Use design thinking to move beyond the ruts that started the problem in the first place and try something new.



But as a wise man once said (yes Einstein) “we can’t solve problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them” 

Strategic planning

Need a plan? You don’t always need someone else to create it for you. Learn how to create plans for your community. 

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Community engagement

You know what you want to achieve and you’ve admitted you can’t do it alone.

Now what?

Evolve Network can teach you – or support you to lead a range of community engagement activities.