Do you love your community?
Are you ready to lead ACTION?

Evolve Network has worked with regional  Australian communities, not for profits and all levels of government for over fifteen years.

We are based in regional Australia and ‘get’ the complexities brought about through the tyranny of distance, lack of service provision and dwindling populations.

We noticed that even the best business, strategic or community plan can easily end up on the shelf if the skills, desire and support to run any initiative isn’t in the community.

If you’re ready for action email HERE to find out how we can support you.

You may be interested in…

Evolve Network Membership:  Online support program

Evolve Network Membership is an online program which supports people who work and volunteer in community to get things done.  It’s like having 24/7 access to a consultant giving you shortcuts, tools and tips to move you forward.

From event management to fundraising, community engagement to bringing a strategic plan to life (for that matter creating one too).

More information HERE

Kickstart workshop

Kyogle Womens Leadership group

Kyogle Womens Leadership Group Kickstart workshop November 2015

Our Kickstart workshops are designed to enable action around the things that matter most to individuals, organisations and communities.

The workshops follow the six step Kickstart System

Kickstart was created by Evolve’s Director, Kerry Grace following 15 years’ experience as a community strategist and a deep desire to deliver services which avoided ‘problems’ and focused on aspiration.

Kickstart workshops have been delivered throughout NSW and online.  Current workshops HERE

Social enterprise development
UnkyaSocial enterprise has been one of our passions for a while now.  A very simple definition is a “business that trades for a social purpose”.

We particularly enjoy working with Aboriginal Corporations to implement and grow enterprise such as Unkya Local Aboriginal Land Council who are operating an awesome social enterprise in tourism in the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Is social enterprise right for you?  Ask us HERE