What we do

Evolve Network has been many things over the years – as you’d expect… we have evolved.

From 2018 into the foreseeable future here’s a glimpse of our services which are all designed to enable our clients to lead lives that truly matter whether they are focusing on their own life, work life or broader community setting.

Sometimes it’s not exactly WHAT you do – but HOW you do it that’s important. Our team are a multi-talented bunch who pool their skills to ensure any client interaction incorporates the following elements that are distinctive of the Evolve Network brand;

  • Wellbeing: Your wellbeing is always a priority for us and we will go to lengths to ensure it is maintained throughout any process.
  • Creativity: Don’t expect boring lectures from us. Creativity is a cornerstone of our work and our clients are often surprised and refreshed by the new approaches we take.
  • Strategic: Before we start we look for linkages to ensure any change fits with the relevant plans, ideas and environment.
  • Learning: Our clients learn new skills to carry them into the future. We take time to ensure this happens.
  • Network development: We share our broad network with our clients drawing together timely tutorials and beautiful people to share skills and build trust.
  • Confidence: We inspire and nurture confidence in individuals. We know as a trailblazer you need all the confidence you can muster.

Over the years this work has manifested as coaching sessions, workshops, massive community and corporate events, retreats, community, – personal and strategic plans, change programs, podcasts, books and gentle conversations – Like we said, we’re creative.

How would you like to work with us to sustain your change project? Contact our Director here