“Leading a team is awesome”Ms. Happy days
“And then there’s the truth”Ms. Letsgetreal

It’s true, there are great team days. But then there’s white anting, office politics, power games, diabolical behaviour, sickies and a whole lot of truly annoying behaviour.

Are you leading a productive team? Or is there a whole lotta room to move?

Are you a leader who has been thrust into a management position? Sometimes the expectations of the two roles clash creating all kinds of havoc. Need some support to uncover what you don’t know you don’t know? That’s where coaching can help.
Bring it back to basics, set and/or revisit your team goals and iron out the bugs. Kickstart My Team explores the six step Kickstart process to address the following goals:
* Enhance workplace communication
* Design and/or enhance the workplace vision
* Increase team collegiality
* Troubleshoot difficult conversations
* Identify team skill gaps
This is where things get really FUN. Evolve Network delivers a range of team building experiences in the beautiful surrounds of the Mid North Coast (a short flight from Sydney and Brisbane airports).

Choose from a ‘pick and mix’ range of options to suit all time-frames and budgets including:
* One day team building sessions
* Team adventures and experiential learning
* Online team challenges
* Online learning portals
* Access to Evolve Network’s self development programs (online)

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