Tall poppy be gone

If there was ever a way to squash tall poppy syndrome it is this.

A sure fire approach to stop tall poppies in their tracks.

Let me warn you in advance, it’s likely to make you feel a bit shy – and many grown adults I’ve asked to do this at various workshops have giggled, blushed, told me to get lost, hidden and on occasion just got on with it.

Want to know more?

Well first I’m going to tell you WHY.

It’s quite simple… I don’t think you’re comfortable telling others what’s so wonderful about you.

And I don’t think you do that because you see it as ‘stuck up’, ‘up town’, bad manners, downright rude, presumptuous or any combination of the aforementioned afflictions and more.

This is the stuff you save for job interviews and even then feel revolting as the words about WHAT YOU DO WELL seep out of your mouth.

But it goes deeper than this

I bet that you find it difficult to even THINK the things you’re amazing at for fear of what?  The thought police?  Fear of your own head exploding?

Maybe that isn’t you but I bet you know someone who it describes to a tee, so challenge them.  Ask them what they are wonderful at, give them an example of your own magnificence (are you wanting to vomit right now? GOOD!)

So, it’s time to build some muscles around unleashing your inner awesomeness (yes, words chosen for effect).  You secretly KNOW that there’s something you’re spectacular at, that thing that people love you for, that thing you can do with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back.

Go on, you can do it

Let it out

Say it

Tell the world

FIGJAM – (censored version)







Now I dare you to share that thing you’re great at.  Start with a whisper, tell a friend, put it on your Facebook page, attach it to a carrier pigeon – Just get it out of your own head and into the public domain.  Make it real.  You ARE amazing

Do it, Do it, Do it<p>

You’ll be amazed…

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