Tall poppy be gone

If there was ever a way to squash tall poppy syndrome it is this. A sure fire approach to stop tall poppies in their tracks. Let me warn you in advance, it’s likely to make you feel a bit shy – and many grown adults I’ve asked to do this at various workshops have giggled, blushed, told me to get lost, …

Kerry Grace Founder and Director

Throughout the past ten years, Kerry has crafted a business which carries a brand that is synonymous with an ethical approach, reliability, entrepreneurship and creativity. These qualities are reflective of Kerry and her unquenchable passion for her work. Known for her strengths in ‘getting things done’, Kerry has been exploring the role of the ‘enabler’ over the past few years …

Life on the bus

If you live in the city the blog title was probably enough to make you tune out. Stop Press – woman catches bus. boring !

But in the country this is actually quite a big deal.

In the country, at least where I live public transport is NOT in abundance.