2016 Kickstart My New Year

A resolution that sticks

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Which best describes your approach to new year’s resolutions? 1. I’m a master – I set the challenge and follow through knowing it’s an excellent way to create change 2. I usually fall off the wagon around 3 January 3. Who are you kidding, I couldn’t even be bothered setting one 4. I waiver between all of the above.  Depends …


Why does WHAT MATTERS matter2?

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Over the past decades I’ve approached community disadvantage from many different angles. I’ve worked on the ground, delivered education projects, managed a not for profit, called myself a consultant and from that platform researched, created strategy, asked questions and observed.  I’ve played a role in attracting large amounts of funding, brought entities together, produced events from very limited resource pools …

Lisa Wilson at warrell Creek

Unkya LALC eco-cultural tourism

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Evolve Network has been working alongside Unkya LALC over the past 12 months to establish a social enterprise in eco-tourism. What mattered to Unkya LALC:  Establishing an enterprise that would promote Gumbaynggirr Culture and provide employment for local people.  Moving from talking about it to doing it.  Embedding the skills within the organisation to reduce ongoing need for support. The …