Stop planning, start doing.

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If I could distill just one thing from over 12 years consulting for communities it’s this; People in any community, no matter how disadvantaged already know how they want to live their lives. And that’s hard for an ‘expert’ to chew on.  Because we are paid to have the great ideas, right? One of the things that always irked me in …

2016 Kickstart My New Year

A resolution that sticks

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Which best describes your approach to new year’s resolutions? 1. I’m a master – I set the challenge and follow through knowing it’s an excellent way to create change 2. I usually fall off the wagon around 3 January 3. Who are you kidding, I couldn’t even be bothered setting one 4. I waiver between all of the above.  Depends …

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15 weeks of leadership lessons

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Over the past 15 weeks I’ve been compiling much content about leadership in action.  There’s been interviews with leaders in business, conversations with people who I consider to be leaders in life, deep reflection of my own practice, much reading and ultimately regurgitation via our weekly FLYING PIGS AT NUMBER 20 post. This week I thought I’d do something a …

About us Ryan profile

Leadership conversations: Ryan Ebert, authentic leadership

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Today I interviewed Ryan Ebert, co-founder of PHW Group to explore his authentic leadership approach, the benefits of recognising yourself as a leader and some great hints and tips on engaging others in leadership, work life blend and much more. Ryan is a self-described serial, multi-industry entrepreneur who has experienced the challenges of stepping into a leadership role from a young …