SSE Social Change 101 starts in Coffs Coast NSW

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Welcome to the ‘bush’ School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE)…

It’s a great pleasure to be one of two local partners in the Coffs Coast SSE Social Change 101 program (Evolve Network Australia and Mid Coast Communities are local partners for the Coffs Coast program).

If you haven’t tuned in to this program yet believe me, it’s a BIG DEAL…  SSE’s Social Change 101 Coffs Coast program is among the first regional Social Change 101 programs to be rolled out by the school in Australia.  That means NINTEEN inspiring people – and by proxy their families, friends and communities get to feel the impacts.  It’s SO exciting !!!!!  (So exciting that I’ve reverted to punctuation abuse !!!!)

I’m particularly delighted to be spending time in the facilitators seat sharing learning SSE style with such inspiring people.

Even better is that the cohort have rekindled my passion for the blog so stay tuned there’s a lot to be said and it’s coming very very soon…

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