Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

RosemaryProfilePicWorking first in Southern Africa and then in Australia, Rosemary has broad experience of social justice advocacy and social entrepreneurial innovation. Her passion is finding the Triple Win in all processes – the wins for ‘you, me and all of us’ and she creates and nurtures opportunities that serve the needs of government, business and civil society.

Rosemary’s passion is freeing people to be the best they can be so that they can use their unique skills to create sustained change in the world. As an experienced coach, facilitator and business development consultant, Rosemary focuses on people ‘breathing normally before helping others’. Her clients describe has as energising, and encouraging their innovation. She amplifies people’s best skills and helps people to ditch that which no longer serves them. She has a passion for the strength of diversity, and is a master networker, creating collaborations across all kinds of divides. Her three step process of Clarity, Action and Traction is based on a seven-step ‘Change-Maker’s Cha-Cha’.

Rosemary cut her teeth in Apartheid South Africa, working in advocacy for children in trouble with the law. With her colleagues she created a program that 21 000 young people now participate in every year. The Diversion program makes young offenders accountable for their actions and interrupts the cycle of crime. She was integral in a campaign that created a new child justice system for South Africa. She was the National Manager for Restorative Justice in a large non-profit in the early years of democracy and later a National Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Media. This lead to her passion for sustainable solutions and clever Triple Win’s for funding, financing and supporting entrepreneurial thinking. Rosemary was one of the first facilitators and coaches at the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and currently works with people of influence and change-makers in Australia and abroad.

A key note speaker, conference facilitator and strategist, Rosemary has worked across many content areas and in a variety of settings. With an eye to making the strongest possible impact, and encouraging people who work for social good to live a good life, Rosemary is currently a student of the ‘Becoming a Key Person of Influence’ course so she can strengthen and grow Key People of Influence  particularly in the corporate sector.

Rosemary lives in Sydney with her husband and pre-school son. She supports women making decisions about trying to have children late in life, is an active member of a number of communities of interests, and blogs for pleasure.

Rosemary has been known to slip dance into all aspects of her work, and frequently teaches the Change-Maker’s Cha-Cha. She is currently writing her first book with the working title of ‘Triple Win: it takes more than two to tango’.

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