I rest on the weekend, unless I’m selling coffee

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Originally published on www.kerrygrace.com.au

Nancy Sposato is a regional Australian, a performer, creative industries business owner and mum of two.

Join us for a conversation about juggling being a mum in business whilst maintaining your own wellbeing, adapting diverse skills to earn an income in a smaller pond, and gaining and maintaining connection with clients and community.

Nancy is a performer in dance and theatre, skills she says combine physicality with storytelling. An accomplished performer having worked for companies such as Melbourne Playback Theatre Company and Strange Fruits Theatre Company (see the clip below), Nancy also creates independent theatre work including her production ‘A Room Within’ where she invites up to ten people to her home where they are provided with dinner and rich stories of her cultural heritage.

Not only was the production so well received by the audience that they came back, it was also an entrepreneurial way of reducing production costs at the same time making the production more accessible for the audience.

“As an artist you have to think outside the box about how to earn an income”.

Nancy describes Juggling her work and being a mum as a work in progress referring to an article she’d recently read;

“it’s about small steps, one foot in front of the other each day and just working towards keeping it sustainable”.

On her way out the door Nancy reminds me of the coffee cart business that she runs with her husband.  She tells me “I rest on the weekends, unless I’m selling coffee”.

Listen to the Podcast via the link below and learn more about Nancy at www.nancysposatoprojects.com


Kerry Grace is the Founder and Director of Evolve Group Network.

Kerry’s current employment is as the Director of Regional Development of Regional Development Australia – Mid North Coast and Norfolk Island.

Kerry’s work as a consultant, coach and educator spans both corporate and community sectors. She is a strong advocate of mums in business leadership positions and is a mum to three school aged children.

Kerry is a passionate regional Australian. Her work strives to inspire people to lead the life that matters most, by their own definition. www.kerrygrace.com.au