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It doesn’t matter what type of enterprise you own / manage there comes a tricky time when you need to take a deep breath, brace yourself and choose to push forward or cease. Well, of course you could choose to flounder for a few years but (trust me) you don’t want to do that, it’s exhausting.

Today I spoke with Maria Pomella founder of My Jewellery Shop Online. In just 12 months Maria has crafted a business that is a true expression of herself, her beliefs and the things (and lifestyle) she loves.

If you weren’t quite convinced in the importance of planning just listen to how a good plan saved Maria an enormous whack of effort (and money) as she launched her business into action. Maria also shares some great tips on staying sane as an entrepreneur, preparing to hire, knowing your market and sticking to the expression of your authentic self.

Without further ado, the podcast…

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