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Leadership Conversations:
Are you a current or emerging leader?  Does calling yourself a leader feel weird?  Do you see yourself as a leader?  Do you have the confidence to step up and take charge of your role?  Do you ever wonder what makes a good leader?

Evolving your community
There are so many ways you can go about creating change in your community, or evolving if you prefer.  This podcast provides insights about the different approaches to change.  From economic development to community engagement, activating your community and a good marketing campaign.  Listen in to learn more about various approaches to change.

inside-the-mind1Inside the Mind of the Social Entrepreneur
Are you curious about how other social entrepreneurs do their thing?  How they hurdled challenges to live their social purpose?  What keeps them awake at night?  Do the social entrepreneur species fascinate you and would you like to learn more?  Join Kerry for a series of interviews that will inspire and encourage you whilst also sharing some helpful tips along the way.