Are you planning or procrastinating?

I’ve been quiet for a while, I wanted to wait until I had something important to announce.

I’ve been plotting, planning, drawing things together, talking them through, thinking, thinking, thinking, turning in circles, rethinking, going back to the drawing board, talking… do you know what I’m talking about?

And then it didn’t seem important enough, or was it?

Point is… OK… I’ve been procrastinating – waiting for the perfect time to tell you, waiting until everything was just perfect, the moon was in the right place and the stars aligned.

Well – much as I believe in astrology I’ve come to realise that I’ve been wasting my time.  Hey, I’ve been writing strategies for others for well over a decade so I could hide in the ‘planning’ phase.  And I HAVE BEEN BUSY doing  things for other people BUT…

Actually, procrastinating is not really in my nature and as I reflect I guess it just snuck up on me.  You see,  this move is an important one for me for many reasons, so I was thinking that it ought to be perfect.

But let’s get a bit real here, there’s a lot more I could have been DOING.

But never fear, the turbo jets have now been lit and I’m going to save you the same amount of pain by shining the light on your inner procrastinator opening the opportunity for action, even if it’s just little dolly steps to begin with.

It doesn’t matter what it is that you want to actually do, maybe it’s start a new part of your organisation, maybe it’s recruit new staff, maybe it’s to get fit or maybe it’s to actually work only 40 hours per week… So many people I speak with are going to achieve the most incredible things in the future, when xyz happens, once abc gets out of the way, when they complete ??, when they are qualified at hgk.

I ask them why wait?

Because the learning doesn’t happen in the waiting… it happens in the action.

I wonder if you’re waiting for reforms to happen?  For legislation to change?  For person xy or c to retire or moves on,?  For your in-tray to clear?  For your hair to look right? (oh yes, I just waited 4 months for my hair to look right before putting up a YouTube clip – in the end it didn’t, my dog stormed the film set but I did it anyway and guess what?  Nobody got hurt!)

The problem with these approaches is that change, growth doesn’t happen immediately, positive and sustainable change is often a long, strategic and sometimes serendipitous journey.

Let’s put it into context.

Think of that niggling thing that you want to do..  Name it.  Write it in your diary, on a piece of paper and pin it to the wall, put it on a stick it note and post it on your forehead – PUT IT IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS

Now ask yourself… What are you doing TODAY to take little dolly steps toward that?

And how about tomorrow, and the next day.  Get into the habit of adding just one little step to your diary each day.

Let me know how this works for you,

And what is this big thing that I’ve been working on, waiting to tell you?  In a nutshell, after over a decade of consulting, training and mentoring I’ve decided it’s time for Evolve Network to up the anti and do what we were really created to do – to enable others to Evolve.  With the support of our solid and talented team of colleagues, mentors, coaches, co-facilitators and friends we’ve crafted something that spans education, consultancy and coaching – it’s about leadership and business, it’s about transforming you and it’s about creating real and sustainable change…  Stay in touch, exciting times are NOW if you’d like to learn more today just drop me a line.  Happy weekend !

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