Why do people give?

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As the festive season, “the time of giving” draws horrifically closer I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my motivations for giving and donating.

I’ve been asking myself:

* Is there a difference between giving and donating?
* Why is giving important to me?
* What motivates people to give, when and how?
* And when is it OK to talk about giving – and when is it better internalised?
* How does giving make me feel?
* Is there a difference between giving money, goods or time?

In 2014 I’ve put more structure around my corporate giving and it’s been a great delight to review the contribution we’ve made to the sector we care about (ultimately this has created enormous community benefit from employment to business development and wellbeing).  In 2014 we’ve invested over $20K as in-kind support to our network ranging from Aboriginal corporations, disability services and childcare services through to social entrepreneurs and micro-business operators.  It feels good but did it make a difference?

My internal quest for information about why I give and what purpose it serves has led me to rethink our systems for measuring our social impact but more on that another time. Right now I’d like to share with you the stories that I’ve gathered on the topic of giving.  These are some very inspiring conversations with a bunch of people who come from all walks of life about why they give or donate, what meaning it brings to them and how they see their gifts creating change.

So stay tuned, our stories of giving will feature right here from this week right through the festive season.

And as you prepare to bag a few gifts for your loved ones think about where you’re shopping and consider topping up the usual suspects with some treats from a social or micro-enterprise, a local business or even a local artist.  Here’s a link to get you started via Good Spender and a local friend and awesome business Wawaa Buurrwa

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