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For Not for Profit managers who are looking for a better way to create sustainable and productive organisations so you can focus on work with your clients rather than troubleshooting organisational issues. Click to enrol.

Evolve My Not for Profit (NFP) is a toolkit designed specifically for not for profit and community group managers who are keen to save time, money and their stress levels as they get the building blocks of their organisation right.

Kerry Grace, Director of Evolve Network has worked alongside and managed not for profit organisations for twenty years. In this time there are very few organisational challenges she hasn’t experienced. Kerry has first hand experience of the dedication it takes to manage a not for profit and created this course to give NFP managers a simple toolkit to setup the things that otherwise take up too much time – think… grant writing, business planning, marketing strategy, human resource management… and more.

Managing a NFP is not easy, with competing priorities, lacking resources and sometimes (let’s admit it) often dysfunctional governance or disastrous past management it’s likely you’ve inherited a basket case… Or, at least a highly stressful and challenging situation.

If you’ve found this page you’re probably asking yourself how one person is supposed to manage funding contracts, look after staff, report to a committee, oversee property, apply for funding, manage the books and maintain a compliant entity – then… care for clients.

And it’s more than likely you’re tired.

Evolve my NFP can be accessed in two ways:

  1. DIY – invest in an annual subscription to one, or numerous units. Choose from units such as grants and fundraising; marketing; business planning, systems management and team management (all units are listed below).
  2. Capacity building program – make a conscious commitment to get the building blocks of your organisation right and invest in the capacity building program, a monthly coaching program where in 7 months you will cover each of the Evolve My Community units (see below), have access to a live monthly coaching session with others in your field, have access to a one to one coaching session at the commencement of your enrolment to give you best access to the program and numerous other benefits (read on to learn more) – or enrol now.


Choose from one, or a combination of the following units, or enrol in the capacity building program for seven months (with a free bonus five months access if you enrol before 31 December 2020)

Business planning: Once upon a time business plans were long and wordy documents, good for keeping doors open. These days a one page version is likely to be all you need. The key to one page business planning is to be succinct. This unit will run you through the one page business model canvas and also explore your ‘avatar’ (target market), organisational vision and mission and your ‘why’.

Grants and fundraising: Evolve Network’s well-received grant writing workshops have enabled organisations to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding. How? By giving you the power back to manage your grant writing process. It’s a lot easier than you may think.

Managing money: Are your finances in order? Whether your finances are managed via an accounting system, Excel spreadsheet or shoebox there are some basic tasks to undertake to make your reporting less of a last-minute hair pulling event and more of a well-oiled machine.

Marketing: There is so much to marketing it can be difficult to know where to start. Chances are you have too many – or too few platforms to promote your entity. You may be stuck with a logo designed via clip art in the 1990s and a brochure lovingly penned but sorely out of date. This topic covers your basic marketing P’s – place, price, promotion, product (yes, all relevant to your not for profit) and share some tools to shortcut through each.

Systems management: Can you list the things you do every day in your organisation? How about every week – month? Did you ever type a list of emails into a message and wonder why you hadn’t just set up a group? Or maybe you’ve dabbled with MailChimp or Trello but dumped it a few weeks in. Systems will free up your time and change your life and just because you’re on a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t access some great stress saving systems.

Team management: Ah people. NFP managers often manage staff, volunteers, a committee and stakeholders, sometimes all at once (now do you know why you grind your teeth into the night). People and their foibles can eat up your entire day. Let’s make this easier for you as we address dealing with difficult people, simple HR systems and building a positive organisational culture.

Building collaborative networks: Not only is collaboration an important 21st century skill, it’s something that even NFP people get wrong far too often. This topic will enable you to identify a full range of current and potential stakeholders, you’ll identify and (actually) network with the folks you need to meet right now, hone your elevator pitch and learn ways to make your networking more fruitful.

More about the program:

  1. DIY version options:
    • $129 (plus GST) per unit per annum or
    • $880 (plus GST) for all seven units per annum
  2. Capacity building program includes:
    • Access to all seven units for twelve months (giving you additional time to review any units and revisit your plans)
    • Access to five bonus units
    • A one to one session with Kerry Grace online for one hour in month three of your program
    • Access to a monthly live coaching session online with other NFP Managers
    • First access to new course content
    • Online members only group
    • Access to discounted one to one and group coaching sessions (current rate for one to one coaching is $350 per hour, members access for $280 per hour; group coaching (online) is $650 per hour, members access for $520 per hour.

Capacity value program value is in excess of $4,200. Yours for $3,650 (plus GST) upfront for 12 months or $329 per month* (plus GST)

*min commitment 6 months.

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Kerry Grace is a highly regarded community leader, Not for Profit (NFP) Manager and consultant based in Regional NSW. With two decades of experience in the NFP sector, Kerry has undertaken dozens of projects in community engagement, adult education, social enterprise development, NFP service planning, community strategic planning and grant writing.

Kerry has successfully managed two NFP organisations, MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation (2008-2010) and Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (2016-present). Kerry led both organisation through significant structural and operational changes which required organisational restructuring, systems implementation, stakeholder engagement and revenue stream generation.

Kerry is known for her abilities to get things done – exactly the spirit that drives this program.