Moving into flow

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Sunday morning, bubble and squeak for breakfast (let’s face it, it’s a very thinly disguised opportunity to eat hot chips in the morning, deconstructed though they may be).

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed I came to a post by my friend Sara Foley (check out Sara’s work here) which opened a stream of much needed wisdom, unblocking some challenges that have been ongoing for me for quite a while now.

Try as I might the illusive sense of ‘flow’ in my business / life has refused to happen within its’ designated timeframe.  I find this infinitely frustrating, particularly as I negotiate deadlines, timeframes and a slippery sense of work / life balance.

I’m coming to realise that some days you’ve just got to go with it.  So, on this Sunday morning I’m sitting out in my backyard enjoying the glorious winter sun and writing because I enjoy to write.  I’ve even created a new file on my computer called ‘writing’ moving it out of its’ former home ‘marketing’.  Big changes are afoot.

In the following two posts you’ll see two things:

  • First of all I’m going to exemplify the learning in a new weekly post which puts the week into summary. I love the format that Sara utilises and think it will be a very useful tool for taking the time to stop and reflect and
  • Secondly I’m going to deconstruct the learning, or epiphany if you like that has fallen upon me this early AM. I believe this falls very much into the realm of how the hell a busy parent gets the time to even think about being a leader, how the juggle (or struggle) of work and life balance leaves us much more in the ‘doing’ than the ‘being’ phase and some tricks to get around that.

Sorry, I’m being cryptic. Read on for more… And big thank you to Sara.