Move beyond overwhelm in one step

Do you know that awful feeling of overwhelm when you can’t move forward, nor backwards, when the world feels very small and opportunities very limited.  Do you know how it feels when you’re not sure  if you’re going to scream, cry or laugh?  When you have a tingle or a tightness in your chest, belly or shoulders, when you feel like slinking away quietly thinking that nobody will notice.  Do you know that feeling?

This feeling can happen to anyone, it’s completely normal.

When you are the leader of a community, an organisation, a family, a business it’s very likely that you’ll experience it a little more likely than the norm.  Let’s face it, there’s a LOT of responsibility to juggle and sometimes (maybe all of the time lately) it feels like there are just too many balls in the air.

I’ve been feeling like that lately.

In an epic attempt to gain control over my situation I baked.  Well actually I baked and baked and baked thinking that several full cookie jars would make me feel grounded, back in the control seat.  And it did work a little but not for the reasons I’d expected.

What I’d chosen to do is to stop.

To take a little time out from the overwhelm

To do something I love

To nurture people I love

And as I sifted, stirred and waited I received a clue.

While what I’m doing feels important, maybe there are other important things too…  And with that clue I came back to earth, the overwhelm didn’t stop immediately but it certainly created less impact, I could think again.

Sometimes it feels like stopping is impossible, like if you jump up from your seat the whole world will crumble – you’ll miss out on the next opportunity, or that people will think this that or the other of you.  But is that really true?  None of us are good to anyone if we’ve worked ourselves into hiding.

So often I work with people in work/life balance actually, I think the whole thing is a myth – sometimes work is just busy, and sometimes life takes the front seat but I do believe there’s a balance for all of us and the greatest challenge is in making sure our  internal BullS*&t meter is turned right up so we can actually hear our internal dialogue which will easily and quickly tell us when things need to happen.  BUT I’ll blog about that soon.

That one step?  STOP
When did you last stop?  When was the last time you did something you love?

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