Lost sight of your goals?

So you’re lost in the day to day?  It’s easy enough to do.  Life is busy, there are always demands of others, and distractions.  Oh, the distractions.

It’s almost as if you need to be completely bull headed to achieve a goal these days.  To close off from the rest of the world, ignore the priorities of others and become completely and utterly self-absorbed.

Or, do you…

Think back to the last time you achieved something that you’d planned to do.  Whether it was actually getting that morning walk done, a savings goal or finishing a course.  It doesn’t matter.  There are some common ingredients involved in the accomplishment of any goal.  Here are a few:

* The goal is clearly defined:  You’ve got to know what you’re aiming for – EXACTLY.  Otherwise shifting the goal posts as you get closer becomes too easy

* The SMART goal theory:  If you haven’t heard of it yet Google it.  Do all of that.

* Understanding:  Truly understand what the goal means to you.  Create an inner understanding and imagine how you’ll feel once you’ve achieved the goal. Let yourself visualise your success and make it real.

* ACCOUNTABILITY:  Ensure there’s a cheer squad helping you along. Don’t do it alone, goals are achieved with so much more ease with others

* CHOICE:  Your choices might hurt a bit sometimes (i.e. a WHOLE bottle of chardy or preparing for the exam).  Ask yourself if your choices are aligned with your goal

* COMMITMENT: Commit yourself to the goal.  Knowing that you can commit over a period of time feels just as good as reaching the actual goal

* PLANNING SKILLS:  It starts with your weekly meeting with yourself (thank you Rosemary Shapiro-Liu).  At least an hour for you to identify what your priorities are for the week ahead and how they will lie within your schedule.  IF you don’t consider yourself to be a good planner, practice.  You’ll be amazed how quickly your skills develop.

Want more?  Join me for Kickstart Energiser, a four week online program to help you to bring your goals to life and celebrate the things that matter most to you.  More info HERE


PS $20 from each enrollment in the Kickstart Energiser program will be donated to the Nambucca Valley Youth Services Centre, ‘Youth Voices’ program.

PPS if you are an AWCA member the program will entitle you to 5 CPD points.