The leadership journey: a personal note

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I haven’t given a lot of love to the blog lately.  Why?  I thought it was because I was too busy – and quite frankly with that thing called ‘life’ in the mix that’s a reason that would probably wash.

But it’s not why I haven’t been writing.

The truth is that I’ve been exploring, testing, learning and growing. It’s not always comfortable, however in my view it is what leaders do.

I’ve been slowly and surely enhancing my confidence in my abilities to lead, stepping away from the things that hinder my journey and picking apart the learning so it can be shared.

I’m ready to start sharing.

Over the summer break I’ll be writing about;

  • Collective leadership
  • Fourth sector thinking
  • Maintaining your mojo as a leader
  • Developing a vision for your leadership and gathering the resources you need to give it life
  • The work/life balance myth and what lies beyond this
  • Engaging the right team
  • Moving beyond tall poppy syndrome
  • Calling yourself a leader
  • Results versus talk
  • And more…

I’d also like to interview more leaders of change so if you fit this bill drop me a line

As the working year comes to a close I trust you will give yourself time to reflect on the year that’s been and consider (or plan) for the year that’s about to be.  I hope in this time of thinking you can find the space to acknowledge everything that you’ve created throughout the year, and the changes you’ve brought to your world – even if they are little steps, they all count.

Best wishes for the festie season.