Leadership Conversations: Victoria Rose, The Leadership Voice

Victoria Rose, The Leadership Voice defines leadership as “The process of influencing others in order to gain their willing consent in the ethical pursuit of a mission”.

She believes leadership is about influencing others, and an effective leader will have integrity (which she says is her top value in leadership).

Victoria has trained over 12,000 people across government and business sectors in their leadership roles.  She believes there are leadership skills that anyone can learn, however through a lack of training many people “wear the mask”.

“Everything changes when you step into the energy of who you really are.”

Victoria refers to the book “The Leadership Challenge” which surveys people about the qualities they expect of their leaders.  She says when the survey asks Australians of the qualities they want in their leaders they reply they want their leaders to be:

1. Honest

2. Forward looking

3. Inspiring

4. Competent

Listen to the Podcast HERE [36mins]