Leadership Conversations; Michelle Jarrett, don’t call me a leader

kerrygrace-2014 Lead

I was so excited when Michelle Jarrett (Lulu), a prominent member of my local community and proud Gumbaynggirr woman agreed to do this interview.  While Michelle doesn’t consider herself a leader my observation is she is a person who has a very strong presence in the local community.  A go to person for both people within, and external to the community and an eternal advocate for justice in the area.

Despite her tall stature Michelle presents as a gentle and humble woman.  A woman who has worked hard within herself to find the confidence to stand strong in her beliefs and to have the confidence to gather information from all sides of the story before launching into action.

Is she is aware of the powerful presence she projects?  I’m not sure.  But speaking with Michelle reminds me of the detrimental effects that ‘tall poppy syndrome’ has in community.  And I wonder if the most effective place to lead from in community is loud and in command – or is it gently monitoring, watching and nurturing in the background.

In any case, I celebrate what I learned in this interview with Michelle and even if she doesn’t see herself as a leader, I’ve certainly enjoyed the wisdom she shared.  Thanks Michelle !