Kickstart is Evolve Network’s signature program.  It is a six step system designed to enable you to lead the life that matters to you.

The program will guide you through the following six steps to create change for you, your community and your organisation:

Kickstart cycle(1)

  1. Honour: Identify past mistakes and make opportunities to learn from them
  2. Celebrate: Celebrate success and define KPIs for the future
  3. Dream: Create a dream in the professional and personal environment for the following 5 years
  4. Unpack: Unpack the dream and identify potential actions
  5. Plan: Create a tangible plan of action
  6. Act: Move into action


Kickstart is delivered flexibly in numerous modes including:

Kickstart Energiser:  A self paced online online program.

Kickstart PREVIEW: A live workshop to inspire social change in your community.

Kickstart My Community leadership program:  You don’t have to be a not for profit person to create change in community.  If you really want to make change this program is for you.

Kickstart My Team: A cohesive team is a productive team.  Kickstart can help your team to create a joined vision and steps to bring it to life.

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