How much do you want it?

kerrygrace-2014 Get it done

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.  There’s a lot going on, and like most humans I have a list.

Lately it feels like the list just keeps getting longer and I’ve got to admit my motivation (and therefore productivity) has certainly been dropping as the list lengthens.

At first I thought it was just a glut of stuff to do, but as I truly dug into that list I realised that it was in fact a whole bunch of new skills to learn.

I’m in the learning zone, and pushing through that angst of moving my consciousness from the things I didn’t know I didn’t know (aka happy denial) – to things that I KNOW I don’t know (read stomach knots).  Now, as I have made a clear decision to get to know what I don’t know (aka learn new skills) I realised it’s time to implement a learning strategy.

So, just last week I decided to stop sooking and get started.  I pulled out the big guns.

Now look, I’m not an everyday listener of motivational speaking.  I love the idea of it but after too much it’s a bit like a lolly high.  I can’t eat a lot of lollies.  In fact, there have been times in my life when I thought sticking pins in my eyes would be more enlightening.

But, I’m not ashamed to say whenever I need a bit of a pep talk, the right podcast, conference speaker, Ted Talk or blog post seems to be patiently waiting for me to see their light.

And there it was.  It had been lurking on my phone for a while and knowing I had a long drive ahead I decided to press plan.

It was Tony Robbins (oh yeah, it was) interviewing coach and world class athlete, Siri Lindley.

The interview reminded me of this…

Right now there are some very lofty goals that I very much want to achieve.  Not want to achieve them in an ‘oh that would be nice’ kinda way – I WANT TO ACHIEVE these goals because they align directly to my value system, it’s the right time and I’ve made a decision to do it.

So, I can (a) growl, cry and moan about the things I can’t do right now, decide it’s too hard, I’m being too hard and back off, or (b) up the ante just a bit to get to where I want to be.

I can (c) drown my sorrows at the end of the day with bad food, wine or mind numbing TV or I can (d) tune into my health, family or outside of work interests to build up my resilience so I can do what I need to do with more of a smile than a grimace on my face.

I know it sounds a bit harsh right?

But it’s like this… As Siri explains in her podcast, she was working really hard to get where she wanted in her sport, but it wasn’t until she truly found the inner strength to push to the next level that she actually did go to the next level.

Sometimes, it’s just a bit of elbow grease that’s separating beige from a vibrant explosion.

And I know for sure that beige isn’t my colour.

So, in application my ramp up has been looking like this…

  1. Hand selecting listening materials in the car to tune into the learning I need
  2. Turning down the volume of criticism that comes my way unless it can be used for learning
  3. Getting what I need to out there into the world before it is perfected for engagement and feedback
  4. Reaching out for support and the wisdom of others and making sure my time is spent in nurturing environments
  5. Adding in just that extra half hour in the am and hour in the PM to continue the learning and growth

All the while with the reminder in mind.  I want this, I want this because it is aligned directly to the things that matter most to me.  I will not be owned by my list.

By the way, if you want to listen to the podcast too you can find it here

So, when you think about those things you really and truly want, are you putting enough elbow grease in?  Or, perhaps do you not really want it that much?


Kerry Grace is the Founder and Director of Evolve Group Network.

Kerry’s current employment is as the Director of Regional Development of Regional Development Australia – Mid North Coast and Norfolk Island.

Kerry’s work as a consultant, coach and educator spans both corporate and community sectors. She is a strong advocate of mums in business leadership positions and is a mum to three school aged children.

Kerry is a passionate regional Australian. Her work strives to inspire people to lead the life that matters most, by their own definition.